Flats for sale in Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

Manhattan Pods And Condos at Kenworth by Provident is intended to assist you with creating effectively connected with routines, social network living, and a sound way of life. We accept a correct home is a harbinger of wellbeing, great wellbeing, and happiness; Manhattan Pods And Condos at Kenworth plans to upgrade the nature of regular living with a scope of indoor offices. These flats for sale in Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, is a brilliant decision for individuals working in Financial locale and High tech city. Manhattan Pods And Condos at Provident Kenworth is strategically placed in Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad, and appreciates vicinity to every single social office. Manhattan Pods And Condos at Kenworth would serve to be an extraordinary investment open door for investors looking for premium homes with relaxation and way of life pleasantries, helpful living, and an exceptional yield on investment. We should examine the flats in Rajendra Nagar Hyderabad.

Interesting structure subtleties:

RCC surrounded multi-celebrated structure; condos spread over from the cellar and ground floor to 10 stories,

Parking in storm cellar, ground and superficially,

Staircase and lifts in each wing associate from storm cellar/ground to all level,

One lift with eight travelers limit and one lift with 13 travelers limit with regards to each side,

Cellar and ground floor entrance anteroom accompanies rock/marble/vitrified flooring

Secured  power subtleties:

ISI stamped links using copper wiring through PVC conductors covered in dividers and ceilings

Great quality particular electrical switches

Every one of the 1 BHK flats accompany 2 KW power with a vitality meter, 2 BHK flats with 3 KW power with a vitality meter and 3BHK lofts with 5 KW power with vitality meter

The electrical room will have board sheets, meters, and so on according to BESCOM standards

Every 3 BHK units to have 5000W KPTCL power supply, 2 BHK units to have 3000W KPTCL power supply and 1 BHK unit to have 2000W KPTCL power supply

Price details:

For the most part 1 BHK condo property for sale in Hyderabad here, value starting from 26 lakhs onwards.

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